Location: Ribchester Road  OS ref: 103  SD 681 329 John Edmund BRIGGS  (son of James above) Unfortunately looking into  the sun In Loving Memory of  BETSY The dearly loved wife of Arthur Smith March 19th 1866 – March 7th 1925 Also of ARTHUR SMITH January 12th 1865 – April 18th 1929 In Loving Memory of  JAMES SMITH Who died January 29th 1930 Aged 67 years Also of ELLEN his wife Who died December 29th 1934 Aged 72 years More information on this orphanage:    http://www.childrenshomes.org.uk/BlackburnOrphanage/
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These graves are all connected with the BRIGGS branch of my family tree The stone for Wilpshire Orphanage has no connection but is placed here for interest BRIGGS    FLETCHER   SMITH Jane Fletcher daughter of James Cottam (1826-85) & Betty Briggs (1828-1914) of Blackburn James & Arthur Smith were the sons of Robert Hopwood Smith (1834-1914) & Jane Briggs (1834-1920) & cousins of  Jane Fletcher above WILPHIRE ORPHANAGE